Have you ever fixed the your bridesmaid gowns? Which color you prefer to choose? Today we would like to recommend green bridesmaid gowns. Wearing in green bridesmaid dress will make you look elegant, charming, also mysterious and sexual. And decorations such as a piece of lace on shirt, or flowers, or some beautiful appliqués will upgrade the attraction fantastically. Green dress are elegant and noble, which also symbolize perfect quality. Usually dress need glittery embellishment to make them bright in the wedding, such as shining fabric, ruffles, laces, sequins, or other dazzling appliqués. We can add chiffon sash or delicate laces to soften the feeling and add sweetness. Mixed color bridesmaid dress reject to be dull. But they should be colorful enough, and the accessories should be bright and unique. Embroidery, lace, beads, continuous but different shapes of flowers can be elegant and stylish to the total effect. Other opinions regarding choosing bridesmaid dress: If your skin is white, you can choose pink color of the bridesmaid dress. Avoid red, black bridesmaid dress because those colors are too thick, what's worse, they will display a sense of disharmony. Unless your face shape is perfect, the general should avoid too complicated bridesmaid dress.