3 Advantage Gambling Techniques That Should Probably Be Avoided

Advantage play gives experienced gamblers a chance to win serious profits. For example, card counting and hole carding are two of the best ways to make profits in casinos. However, not every proposed advantage gambling method is worthwhile. While some are completely worthless in today’s scenario, others are outdated. Here are some advantage play techniques that either do not work or are past their prime.

Comp Hustling

Land-based brick and mortar casinos used to be more generous when it came to loyalty rewards. They used to offer 0.3% comp rates or even higher on video poker and slots. Assuming the player was comped 0.3% on full-pay Deuces Wild, they would essentially be getting 101.06% RTP. Some gamblers formerly used these generous comp rates to earn themselves substantial profits from video poker. Even if they did not get comps on a full-pay Deuces Wild machine, they could continue to make more profits with Double and Double Double Bonus.

However, casinos no longer offer such generous comp rates for video poker, slots, or any other games. Most gambling establishments today feature a 0.1% comp rate, which is three times lower than the previous standard. Players can still take advantage of loyalty rewards whenever possible, but you cannot expect to make as much profit through a combination of comps and high RTP anymore.

Wheel Bias

Wheel bias used to be a legitimate way to make money with gambling. This technique involved observing a roulette wheel and recording its results. The goal in this technique is to find a wheel that favours certain sections or pockets, and on finding such a biased wheel, the player will be able to wager on the most probable winning sections and earn profits. Many gamblers throughout history have won millions of dollars playing roulette. Billy Walters, Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo and Joseph Jagger are among those who’ve become rich with the help of the wheel bias technique. Therefore, the player should, at least theoretically, be able to join these players in winning huge profits. Sadly, wheel bias no longer works in the modern gambling world. The biggest obstacle to wheel bias is that casinos use more modern wheels that are less likely to undergo wear and tear. The Starburst wheel, invented in the 1980s, has significantly reduced the number of advantage play opportunities.


Advantage Slots Play

Slot machines are usually seen as pure luck. As a matter of fact, they give players some of the lowest RTP in both land-based as well as online casinos. However, you can still gain an advantage with certain slots at brick and mortar casinos in two ways.

  • Mystery progressive slot machines
  • Bonus accumulator slots

A mystery progressive slot has a jackpot that slowly increments with each bet. Unlike in the case of regular progressive slots, these prizes pay an exact amount. A bonus accumulator slot has a meter that determines when a bonus may hit. Once the meter is completely filled, the player can unlock the feature. Just like mystery progressive slot machines, bonus accumulator slots are more rewarding when played at a certain point. The player can swing the odds in their favour by playing when the bonus meter is almost full.

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